iPOS System

Internet Point of Sale is the place where a retail transaction is completed via Internet.

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Free Marketing Website

But as the riper should by time decease, his tender heir might bear his memory

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Customizable Reports

Thou that art now the world's fresh ornament and only herald to the gaudy spring

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Content Management System

An advanced tool that facilitates management of content of a website without needing any technical knowledge on the part of site administrator.

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A type of concept where buying and selling of product or service is conducted over electronic systems.

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SMS Integration

Integrate SMS messaging into your web application. Control and monitor remotely via SMS.

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Past and Reliable

Recording of your sales and keeping your customer happy may be quite difficult.

Better Marketing

Being a member of tubig.org you will have a business website plusiPLUG point of sale software.

Easy to Use

If you already know how to use a browser, you already know how to use a web based POS system.

Welcome to Tubig.ORG!

Water station business success depends in an owner who is dedicated and hands-on with his business, some are lucky for having a people that they can trust and with a manual systemthat they built and tested by experienced. There may be a lot of possible ways to materialize this but it takes years of preparation and putting your trust on some people. But nowadays with can make this easy with the help of technology, you can monitor the progress of your business even if you are far away. Your dreams of becoming BIG is not impossible anymore!

We design a Web base solution that covers the following common areas, Customer Records Management, Sales Management, Inventory Management and Marketing gimmicks.We address some common problem like late deliveries, missing bottles/Dispenser, Machine Malfunction records,Customer Satisfaction and most especially an update Collections or Receivables.

We help SME’s to focus more with their BUSINESS and we take charge for the rest.

System Package

Online Subscription
- 50 pesos per day
- Free Website Template
- Free Domain & Hosting for 1 Year
- Free Email Accounts & Support
- Free Training Fee
- Web-Based Application POS System
- Records Management System
- Sales Monitoring
- Rewards Codes System ( Customizable )
- Product Records System ( Customizable )
- Customized Reports Generation
- SMS Integration
- Online Ordering (Coming Soon)
- Advanced Search Engine
- Automatic System Backup
- Unlimited Online Support
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